Blindsgalore Faux Wood Blinds

If you are looking for discount prices on faux wood blinds, take a look at the Blindsgalore signature line of products.  Our comprehensive selection of inexpensive faux wood blinds will let you stay within your budget while still adding a quality window treatment to your home.  By choosing our faux wood blinds you will be getting quality, classic looking blinds made from composite wood materials.

Keep in mind that these Blindsgalore faux wood blinds will match well with either traditional or contemporary home styling where there are also wood flooring and wood furniture.  Try and match the stains and painted colors of the blinds with the rest of your decor.  If you want increased light control and privacy customize your faux wood blinds with routeless slats, which eliminate the routing holes and therefore block all outside light and visibility.  All faux wood blinds from Blindsgalore are custom-made for a perfect fit in your window.


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Blindsgalore® Wood Alternative Blinds 2" Slats

retail C$55.24 C$37.00 + an extra 10% off

  • 24" x 36" change
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  • 2" Slats
  • Privacy
  • Routeless
  • Top Seller
  • Horizontal Blinds
  • Beige / Neutral
  • Brown
  • White / Off-White
  • Woodgrain
  • Yellow / Cream
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • RV / Motorhome
  • Faux Wood
  • PVC/Vinyl
  • Large Windows
  • Sidelights

customer reviews for blindsgalore faux wood blinds

5 stars


By from

I needed blind for our bedroom that has an unusual length and all the blinds option were too expensive for my liking except with this company and this blind option. The blinds fit perfectly, make the room look cozy and relaxed. After receiving those blinds I decided to order another one for another bedroom, again, it fit perfectly.  will definitely order from this company again.

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5 stars

"Blinds galore success"

By Gord from BC

I am compelled these days to take the time to compliment people and companies that do good - sharing the love of a nice moment of something gone right / cup half full - in a world that seems to be so self centred and negative and 'every man for himself-ish - destructive in a word. From start to finish your blind experience was as it should be - fun, easy, successful, the look we were after, and within a normal working persons budget- thankyou. Furthermore we wish to extend a special thankyou to the fellow that took our order - he gets it - we had a few laughs and you could tell he understood what we were trying to get for fit and finish with a window about 12ft long - and our concern at being a long ways away and in a different country - we needed to feel like he cared in getting it right the first time - or this would turn into a train wreck - he excelled in all areas, didn't rush the process - he was fully engaged in his job - a job that probably doesn't pay equal to his commitment - and we are old school - so we bow to his work ethic and morals in this regard. We are Canadian and I own a custom stainless steel mfg biz and we try our best to support cdn biz as best we can - but not always - we could not find an answer to our 12ft blind unless we spent over twice the price of the blinds galore product and did not find a company that gave us that 'we are going to take care of you feeling' - blinds galore did - from ordering, processing, tracking, updates, and now after sale care you have all been genuine - hey, a big hug moment for all - thankyou It's too bad really when this type of moment in life is Seen as extraordinary and brings a tear to our eyes - what the world could be if we all treated each other always like our experience with you

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