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Installing Bali Blinds & Shades

Quick Install Tips

  • Be sure to open and inspect your product upon receipt to ensure you have all necessary hardware and parts before you install, or before you arrange for a professional install appointment
  • You will need a cordless drill, a screwdriver, and a pencil
  • It is best to read through the installation instructions completely prior to beginning you installation
  • Need a professional? Find one in your area


DiamondCell Cordless
DiamondCell Continuous Loop
Verticell/Inside/Side Mount/Ceiling Mount
Verticell Outside Mount
Bali Skylight Inside Mount
Bali Skylight Outside Mount
Bali Motorized

Faux Wood

Wood Images/Wood Plus - Inside Mount
Wood Images/Wood Plus - Outside Mount
Faux wood/Wood Blinds - Motorized Tilt

Mini Blinds

Customizer - Inside Mount
LightBlocker Inside/Outside Mount
LightBlocker 1" Vinyl Mini Blinds
2" Vinyl Macro Blinds-Inside/Outside Mount
Optional - Side Mount
Aluminum Mini - Cordless Lift
Horizontal Blinds - Motorized Tilt
Horizontal Blinds - Box Bracket Inside/Outside Mount

Pleated Shades

NeatPleat -Inside/Outside Mount
Neat Pleat - Continuous Loop
NeatPLeat - Cord Tensioner
NeatPLeat - Cordless Lift
NeatPleat - Motorized Lift

Roman Shades

Roman Shade - Inside/Outside Mount
Roman Shade - Continuous Loop
Roman Shade - Cord Tensioner
Roman Shade - Cordless Lift
Roman Shade- Motorized Lift

Sliding Panels

Sliding Panels Natural Shades Inside/Outside mount
Sliding Panels/Solars/Romans - Inside/Outside Mount


Solar/Roller - Continuos Cord Loop - Inside Mount
Solar/Roller - Continuos Cord Loop - Outside Mount
Solar/Roller - Cordless Smart Pull lift - Inside Mount
Solar/Roller - Cordless Smart Pull lift - Outside Mount
Solar/Roller - Motorized Lift


Shutters - Hang Strips
Shutters - L-Frame Mount


Vinyl/Fabric Verticals - Outside Mount
Vinyl/Fabric Verticals - Inside Mount
Sheer Verticals - Outside Mount
Sheer Verticals - Inside Mount

Wood Blinds

Northern Heights/Design Basics - Inside Mount
Northern Heights/Design Basics - Outside Mount
Northern Heights/Design Basics - Motorized Tilt

Woven Woods

Natural Shades - Inside/Outside Mount
Natural Shades - 12 volt infrared motorization
Natural Shades - 24 volt radio frequency motorization
Natural Drapes - Inside/Outside Mount