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How To Measure For Blinds Mounted Inside The Window

Inside mounting occurs when the blind is installed inside the window frame. Inside mounts are the cleanest look because they fit snugly inside the window frame.

3 Measurements: Width x Height x Depth

Measure and record these 3 dimensions in that order. Width is horizontal (across the window), height is vertical (up and down), and depth will be a few inches straight back into the window pane.

For All 3 Measurements

You will measure the inside size of the window opening and provide that exact opening size, making no deductions or alterations. Make sure there are no obstructions within the window opening that may interfere with the operation of the shade or blind, such as window cranks, ac units, or alarm systems.

Measure to the Nearest 1/8"

measure to the nearest eighth of an inch using this measuring guide

* All size adjustments will be made at the factory to ensure proper fit and operation.

sample picture of shades
shades height width and dimensions
what about depth

What About Depth?

Depth is the distance from the window pane to the edge of the window. Be sure that enough depth is available from pane to edge of the trim to mount the blinds inside it.

valance returns

What About Valance Returns?

Valance returns are available if the blind headrail protrudes into the room. The return will fit on the sides of the valance to cover the headrail. This option must be specified at the time of order.

what about brackets

What About Brackets?

Each order will include brackets to mount the headrail to the window frame. We recommend using the hardware provided for your installation.

We have helpful measuring guides for any style of window treatment

measuring guides

Measuring Tips for Inside Mounted Blinds & Shades