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At Blindsgalore we believe in the "Try Before You Buy" method. To accommodate you in your quest for the perfect window treatment, we offer 15 free swatch samples so you can touch and compare your choice of fabrics, materials and/or colors before ordering. Swatch samples are available for most of the products on our site, including cloth tapes. While our manufacturers may not offer samples for every product we carry, we do our best to provide the largest possible selection to you.

Standard shipping for swatches is free and orders are usually delivered within 2 to 10 business days via US Mail. Orders placed on weekends, holidays, or after 12:00 pm PST on weekdays will be processed the next business day.

Color Matching and Variations

For color matching, we highly recommend ordering a swatch before placing an order. You can get up to 15 of these sample swatches delivered to your home, completely free of charge. Due to inconsistencies between various computer monitor displays, the colors shown on screen may not depict an accurate reproduction of the actual shade. We color correct each scan as accurately as possible, but ordering a swatch, or fifteen, is a great way to test the true color in your own home.

Wood Blinds

Blinds and shades made from wood will have inherent color variations because they are made from natural materials. Wood blinds may not match your sample exactly and individual slats may even differ in tone. Our manufacturers strive to incorporate wood slats that complement each other, but you may see some grain or color variation. This is particularly true for stained wood. This differentiation sets wood apart from other man-made materials and enhances the beauty of your blind. If you need more than one wood blind of the same color, we recommend you order them all at the same time. Grouping your orders together will likely result in the most closely-matched grain and color variation possible.

Woven Wooden Shades

In nature, no two strands of grass, bamboo, reed, or other natural material are exactly the same. It's part of the beauty that makes every shade truly unique. With that in mind, slight color, grain and texture variations should be expected when ordering these products. With any type of natural product, slight shrinkage, stretching, or warping may also occur over time. Because our bamboo shades are made from real bamboo wood, a color and pattern variation may exist between our samples and the actual product. The color will typically range between a green, yellow, or brown shade. The sample should technically only be used to get an idea of the string/ladder placement and to get a general feel for product's natural pattern.

Find out more about the sample program here.