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Graber Pleated Shades

Graber pleated shades are available in solid plain and solid textured fabric patterns, a variety of colors and feature the back-ladder support of their EvenPleat system to keep the pleats from sagging and accumulating at the bottom.  Graber's textured fabrics provide a visually interesting pattern and are available in cordless and top down bottom up options.  The FashionPleat line of pleated shades is simply styled and beautifully functional with quality Graber construction.

Personalize your pleated shade to meet your needs with control options such as cordless lift, continuous cord or bottom up/top down operation.  An optional liner is available for added privacy and light control on your pleated shade.

Note: Graber pleated shades are sometimes referred to as Graber pleated blinds.

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  • Size

    24" x 36"
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