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Nursery Window Treatments

When designing baby nursery window treatments, the key is find a perfect balance between safety and whimsical. Recent research shows that developing infants respond positively to primary colors and simple, black and white graphic stimulation. However, baby nursery window treatments should be more functional than aesthetic.

It is crucial to regulate the light in an infant's room. Babies keep their own sleeping hours, so blackout curtains are usually a good idea. This way, evening street lamps or afternoon sun won't keep a child awake and midday naps are not out of the question.

Baby nursery window treatments also have to be the most safety-conscious of any room in the house. Many new parents put their child's crib near the window, figuring that the light and visual activity will be stimulating to a growing brain. This could certainly be true, but parents also need to be conscious of window cords, drapes and other window hardware. This is why cordless window treatments are perfect for infant's rooms. There are two cordless window options that are currently popular-electric and top down/bottom up. Both of these eliminate cords that could be grabbed by infants to pull down other window hardware or worse. Both of these control mechanisms are also completely compatible with any number of blackout drape materials.

Finally, some developmental experts recommend employing an organized color palette throughout the room. Don't overwhelm the child, but try to match primary color panels in crucial location. For example, harmonizing drapes, seat cushions and wall pictures will create a solid and stimulating visual environment.