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Bow Window Treatments

How you put together your bow window treatments is entirely up to you. Below is our preferred method of designing your bow window treatments, and also the simplest option.

We recommend choosing individual window shade treatments. With this technique, each of the four or more individual windowpanes that make up the graceful curve of your bow window will have its own drop-down shade. The location of your bow windows may also heavily influence your window treatment choices. Often, bow windows are located in the front of the house, and they are also frequently located on the ground floor. They are show windows. With this in mind, select window shades that rate highly for privacy. However, since anyone passing by will see your drawn window shades, consider how these window treatments look from the outside as well. One possibility is to design a customized cloth roller shade with two separate, differently colored fabrics-one to compliment the outside of the home and one to work with the inside. Also consider individual café curtains if you wish to preserve the window view but maintain a minimal amount of ground-floor privacy.